Friedrich KUHL Window/Wall Air Conditioners

Friedrich kuhl smart air conditioner

Friedrich Kuhl Wifi AC units

Unmatched for quality, ease, and control, everything about Kühl® leads the category. Our new 2019 smart models have integrated Wi-Fi control through Friedrich Connect™, and are voice command compatible. From the commercial-grade, 20-gauge steel cabinet and fully enclosed fan motors to its unrivaled QuietMaster technology, Kühl represents a new standard in room air conditioners. 6,000 – 35,000 Btu/hr. Cooling only, heat pumps and cooling + electric heat models.

Here are some key points to consider before buying an AC unit:

  1. Make sure your window is big enough, measure the width and height
  2. If your window is wider than 38-42” you will need extra insulation for the side/s
  3. Check that your power outlet is set up for the AC unit, you can check by plugging in any normal electronic device and confirm it powers on

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