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Year-round Cooling

Friedrich, Islandaire & Ice-Air PTAC Units Provide you with Comfort & full control of the temperature in each room

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Residential & Commercial Customers in the miami area

New PTAC units save you $$

Older Ptac units are running the electric bill up with the low EER rating from 5 plus years ago, new modern units have a better EER rating, and will save you lots of $ on your yearlyd energy bill, and run more efficient and quieter.

Plus you can set the new unit up to work with wifi controls, and control the temperature from anywhere in the world! 

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Thermostat Options

Ecobbe & Nest

Control your PTAC from anywhere in the World

We can install a new smart thermostat from, Nest or Ecobbe that you can control from your mobile device from anywhere on earth.

Giving you complete control of the temperature in your home, or rental unit, if you manage AIRBNB property’s this is a must have.