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Additional Services

Leak Repair

If your split AC is not working, there might be a leak in the system and without freon, the mini-split will not provide hot or cool air


  • Filter Cleaning
  • Sanitize Coils
  • CO2 High-Pressure Cleaning
  • Condenser Chemical Coil Cleaning


  • Electrical/Control Board Replacements
  • Compressor Replacements


  • New construction installs
  • Home remodel installs
  • Relocating indoor and outdoor units
  • Condenser and indoor unit replacements
  • Installation in Apartments and Condos

Maintenance Packages

Please contact us for more information to set up a custom care plan for your split AC system 

Brands We Service

  • Fujitsu
  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi 

Customers reviews

Amazing!! I was so upset that the problem was caused by throwing a box in the closet, but the fact that my AC was fixed in 5 minutes was priceless. Especially during this heat wave. This company gets 5 stars because: 1) The $120 can be applied if I have to call them back 2) The technician called hours later to make sure we didn't have a leak and to check that the unit was functioning properly. 3) I called on a Sunday afternoon and they came the next day.
Richard K
Denver, Co
I can't say enough good things about Brooklyn's Best AC. I called them on a Wednesday because all our AC units had been flashing error codes and not turning on during a heat wave. They came out on Thursday to take a look at the problem ; they provide a 4 hour window, but arrived within the first 30 minutes - first good sign. Within 10 minutes the technician had the problem diagnosed and the parts ordered. He said 3-4 day business day turnaround for the parts, but on Monday (1 business day after the first visit) I get a text saying "there's a storm tomorrow, I want to get all the work done today so I'm going to go pick up the parts". One technician arrived soon after and got started, followed by another tech. with the remaining parts. Within an hour the ACs were blasting cold air as if nothing had happened. Huge thanks for going out of your way to get the repair done early and with high quality. Also thank you for observing all COVID-19 prevention guidelines : masks, gloves, etc. I hope I don't need to get other major HVAC repaired any time soon, but if I do, I will be picking BB-COND
Ashley G
Denver, CO
Exceptional service- we had them replace 2 PTAC units back in 2017 and have relied on them to help service them and other PTACs- they are fair, prompt to respond, and knowledgeable about the units and how they work. I trust them entirely and highly recommend them next time anyone needs assistance.
Michael B
Denver, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How does a split AC work?

Mini-splits have five main components:

  • Indoor air-handler. 
  • Outdoor condenser.
  • The line-sets that have Freon inside of them connect the indoor & outdoor units.  
  • Control wires, power the indoor unit, and are connected to the outdoor unit.
  • Drain-lines, remove the condensation from the indoor air-handler

The average cost to install a split AC system?

This is a very hard question  for anyone to answer without knowing the following information first:

  • The # of units you need to have installed 
  • The time and labor to install them
  • The type of system you want to install, there are many different to choose from.
  • Location, each location has its own challenge when installing a split system
  • The only way to get pricing is by having someone from our team come out and inspect the installation location to provide you with the cost of the work  

What is are the best Mini-split AC systems to install?

#1 Fujitsu have been making split AC systems longer than anyone else and it is one of the most common units used in NYC.

#2 Daikin

#3 Mitsubishi 

Do I need to have maintenance done on my split AC?

The answer is yes!

If you don’t have yearly maintenance on your split system this is what’s most likely to happen over time:

  • You, Will, need a new compressor after 3 years on average without maintenance done.
  • Yearly energy bills will be 20% more than the systems that are working effectively.  
  • Poor air-flow
  • Bad indoor air quality, from mold or other germs that can build if not properly sanitized. 
  • The life-time of the unit can go down by 30% or more.

We offer free estimates on new Daikin Heating & cooling systems.

You can choose from a single zone unit and up to 8 indoor units on a VRV system.

Most households will generally have a 3-4 zone system that is can cool places up to 3000SQ FT and more.

What does it cost to install a new split AC system?

Call us for a free hassle-free estimate.


installation of a split ac unit

Duplex install of 8 indoor units=

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Yes, as long as you are willing to pay the additional cost of the materials and labor. 

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