Request an estimate for Window/Wall Air conditioners Sales & Installations.
    Please include the Window dimensions.

    General information required for an estimate:
    • First & Last Name
    • Address (exact address, cross streets, or zip code is required because pricing is based on location)
    • Phone number
    • Type of windows (aluminum)  (plastic)  (wood)
    • Window dimensions (Width)  (Height)
    • What floor?
    • Is there an elevator? 
    If you would like to purchase AC units please provide the following information: 
    • The square footage or the dimensions of each room you want to cool.
    •  Location: Commercial or Residential? (Building) (House) (Condo)
    • Do you get lots of solar heat?
    • Please let us know what days/times you are available and interested in having the work done. 
    • If you live or work in a building that has regulated hours, please provide us with that information.