Plumbing Services In Brooklyn

Plumbing Services in BRooklyn NY

We have a full line of top-notch plumbing services in Brooklyn NY,

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Boiler Repair Brooklyn


We repair & replace all types of boilers and hot water systems


Bathtubs & bathrooms

We install and repair most types of showers & bathtubs, fixing drain-lines, waterproof caulking   

Bathroom sink

Sinks & Faucets

We can repair or replace your sink or faucets, we can install or fix the under the sink a garbage disposal unit

our expertise



Our repair service is fast and affordable, we can repair most types of plumbing systems:
Boilers, Sinks, Drains, Bathtubs, Faucets, Showers


If we can't repair it we can give you a free estimate on the replacement costs for a new and more modern system


If you are sick and tired of your old bathroom & shower or sink and faucets we have a full-line or remodeling services available

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