Friedrich UCT14A30A Uni-Fit 14,000 BTU Smart Through-the-wall Air Conditioner 220V

Brooklyn’s Best AC, Friedrich UCT14A30A  Uni-Fit

New 2020 Smart Wifi Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner


In 2020 Friedrich changed the Air Conditioning market.

Manufacturing all the Uni-Fit’s with built-in Wifi module’s, allowing you to control the AC unit from your phone anywhere.

Friedrich’s Integrated Wi-Fi control from your smartphone.

Also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Universal fit for existing thru-the-wall sleeves

Uni-Fit makes it easy to replace air conditioners for existing 24.5″, 26″ or 27 ½” sleeves without complicated, time-consuming retrofits.

This small unit is specifically designed to replace virtually any thru-the-wall air conditioner quickly and cost-effectively.

Depending on the existing sleeve’s size, Uni-Fit’s smaller dimensions may require the use of the included trim ring to bridge a small gap between the unit and the existing sleeve.

The trim ring will fit gaps up to 1″ on the sides and ½” on the top of the unit for a neat, finished appearance.

All models include a remote control.

Control Features

Built-in Wi-Fi control on the go with the Friedrich Go App.

Smart home/voice command-device compatibility (Amazon Alexa).

24-hour timer.

Remote Control.

Quiet master Technology.

Solid steel inner wall.

Advanced airflow design.

High-density insulation and foam for sound absorption.

Aesthetically engineered to block indoor noise.

Counterweights for vibration-dampening.

Installation Features

Universal fit decorative trim ring.

Chassis designed to fit 24 1/2” to 27” sleeves.

Comfort & Convenience

3 cooling and fan-only speeds.

Unique sleep setting.

Auto restart if power is interrupted.

8-way air flow control.

Washable, antimicrobial air filter.

Earth Friendly

ENERGY STAR qualified models.

Money Saver® setting saves money by operating the fan only when cooling.


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