Friedrich Kuhl KCS14A10A 13,600 BTU Smart Room Window/Wall Slide-Out Air Conditioner

Brooklyn’s Best AC  Friedrich Kuhl New 2020 Smart room Wifi air conditioners.

Friedrich KCS14A10A 13,600 BTU Smart Room Wifi air conditioner



Building the quietest air conditioners begins with the design process
and continues through the selection of superior components and

It is shaped by skilled manufacturing and refined through
on-going product testing in our engineering lab.

And the result is a noticeably quieter cooling and heating experience, as
much as 45% quieter than competitor’s products.

key points to consider before buying this AC unit

  1. Make sure your window is big enough, measure the width and height.
  2. If your window is wider than 42” you will need extra insulation to cover the space on the sides of the unit, the accordion only covers up to 11” on each side.
  3. Check that your power outlet is set up for 110Volts, you can check by plugging in any normal electronic device and confirm it powers on.
  4. Measure the room for width, and length and calculate the square footage; you want to ensure this unit will be strong enough to cool down the room.
  5. When using an AC unit to cool more than one room, add the square footage of booth rooms plus 20%.

The KCS14A10A Has Outstanding Comfort & Convenience

Create customizable, 7-day schedules.
24-hour timer.
Up to 4 cooling and 4 fan-only speeds on select models.

The auto fan adjusts the fan speed to maintain the set temperature.

And an Auto-changeover between cooling and heating modes (Kühl+ models except for KEQ08)

Auto restart.

8-way air flow control for better air distribution.

Control panel lockout (ON/OFF).

Premium remote control allows the user to adjust temperature, adjust fan speed, select auto-fan and switch between cool and heat
(Kühl+ models).

This AC Is Built To Last

Robust 20 gauge steel cabinet.

Solid-steel blower housing offers enhanced protection.

Totally enclosed commercial grade fan motor runs at a lower temperature to prevent overheating and is double-mounted for added stability and reduced wear.

Durable base pan and steel inner walls.

Aluminum end plates will not contribute to rust-stained building exteriors.

Scratch-resistant cabinet.

High-tech aluminum fins with rifled copper tubing are more efficient and less prone to corrosion.

Installation Options

Install in a window or thru-the-wall.

Slideout chassis for more permanent installation and easier access for maintenance.

Patented firm grip handles for easier chassis installation and removal.

Includes heavy duty window installation hardware (optional accessory on Kühl+ models sold separately).

Rugged hardboard side panels for a more permanent installation (heavy duty side curtains on KCQ and KEQ models).

Power cord can run either left or right.

Front cover attaches easily and securely. Nut driver included**.

Amazing Superior Air Filtration

And Superior fresh air intake and stale air exhaust vent*.

Washable, antimicrobial air filter.

Carbon filter absorbs odors and reduces ozone and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Dual filtration provides superior air filtration with ratings as high as MERV 6.

Check filter reminder.

Hinged door allows easy filter access for easier maintenance.

Unit Dimensions
Height: 15 15/16″
Width: 25 15/16″
Depth: 29″
Window Dimensions
Height: 15 15/16″
Width: 27 3/8″
Depth: 42″
In-Wall Dimensions
Height: 16 3/16″
Width: 26 3/16″
Depth: 7 3/8″
The Type Of Air Conditioner

Slide-Out-Chassis, Window Air Conditioners




Features & Performance
Sealed Control Panel: Yes
Cooling BTU: 13,600
Air Circulation: 275 CFM
Moisture Removal: 4.3 Pints per Hour
Fan Speeds: 4
Autofan Mode: Yes
Enclosed Motor: Yes
EntryGuard Intrusion Protection: Yes
Insect Barrier: Yes
Display: LED
Room Temperature Readout: Yes
Set Temperature Readout: Yes
Timer: Yes, 24-Hr.
Keypad Lockout Feature: Yes
Firm Grip Handles: Yes
Sound and Vibration Isolation: Yes
Defrost Control: Yes
Remote Control: Yes
Antimicrobial Filter: Yes, Removable
Washable Filter: Yes
Scratch Resistant Cabinet: Yes
Cord Direction: Right or Left

Electrical Specifications
Voltage: 115
Cooling Amps: 11.8

Unit Dimensions
Width: 25 15/16"
Depth: 29"
Height: 15 15/16"

Window Dimensions
Width: 27 3/8"
Depth: 42"
Height: 15 15/16"

In-Wall Dimensions
Width: 26 3/16"
Depth: 7 3/8"
Height: 16 3/16"

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