Mini split Brooklyn

Mini split AC with remote

Brooklyn’s Best AC has a full line of mini split ac services.
Repairs, Installations, Service, maintenance.
Split AC units are a great way to improve the value of your home.
You can also save loads of money on your energy bill with a high-efficiency unit.
Having a heat-pump for your homes heating source is another way to stay warm during the cold winter months in NYC.

What Does it take to install the Split system?
The first step is to have us come out and do a site survey, this way we can determine the correct BTU’s needed to heat and cool your home.
Than we send you an estimate and you should take a few things first into consideration before moving ahead.
The construction part, sometimes you will need to open up some walls in order to install the piping for the indoor air-handler.
This means you might need a contractor as well for that part of the work.
Once we finish running the pipes, we than install the wall-mounted air-handler.
And we install the outdoor Condensing unit, than connect all the pipes to the units and we put nitrogen into the system to check for leaks.
Once the system is leak free we than proceed to clear the lines and get ready to start up your split ac system.