Lower Basic Window Ac Installation in Brooklyn NY for AC units from 5,000-12,000 BTU’s

Original price was: $225.00.Current price is: $195.00.


Brooklyn, Lower window Air conditioner installation. Max AC BTU’s 12,000, if the unit is 15,000 BTU’s or bigger it will be another $50-125 depending on the BTU’s

Basic1 Lower window installation. includes safety brackets in accordance with the NYC DOB regulations.

$195 the price does not include NYC Sales tax.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included with this service?

  • Setup of the Customer Purchased AC from Brooklyn’s Best AC only, We do not install AC units that you bought elsewhere. 
  • Mounting air conditioner in the unmodified window frame
  • Power check and plug into an existing outlet
  • Air conditioner test, instructions, and clean up
  • Safety bracket

Why should I hire a pro to install my air conditioner?

Getting a new air conditioner—awesome. Watching that new air conditioner fall backward out of your window to the ground—not so awesome. Even installations that seem like they’ll be easy can go wrong in any number of ways. Handing off the air conditioner installation to a pro, who has the experience to do an air conditioner installation that is sturdy, lasting, and straightforward, can often be the best way to go. A pro can help you determine the right location, as well, for your air conditioner installation. Factors would include available outlet locations, sun exposure, and windowsill width, materials, and strength.

Pre-visit checklist:

  • 1: Make sure your windowsill is solid. If your windowsill has rot or damage, or if the paint is peeling, it can be tough for the air conditioner to be supported properly. If you’re not sure your windowsill will be adequate, a good option is to have a window air conditioner mounting bracket on hand, in case the pro needs to add extra stability.
  • 2: Choose the right room and window. The best room for an air conditioner installation is one that’s on the second or third level of your home or any room above a garage. Bedrooms are typically a good choice, to make summer-time sleeping easier. The window you choose should ideally be shaded throughout most of the day, be right above a power outlet, and should not be in a corner, but rather in the middle of one wall of the room.
  • 3: Choose the right air conditioner. Make sure your new air conditioner is rated to cool a room the size of the one you have in mind. Also, the most effective air conditioners dehumidify the air, as well as cool it, so you may want to make sure the air conditioner you purchase includes dehumidification.


We will be drilling screws into the window and window frame.

An AC unit installed in the window

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