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Fujitsu Wall-mount mini-split


  • New construction installs
  • Home remodel installs
  • Relocating indoor and outdoor units
  • Condenser and indoor unit replacements
  • Installation in Apartments and Condos
Installation of a mini split system


  • Electrical/Control Board Replacements
  • Compressor Replacements
  • Leak Repairs
  • Error Codes
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  • Filter Cleaning
  • Sanitize Coils
  • CO2 High-Pressure Cleaning
  • Condenser Chemical Coil Cleaning
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    Fujitsu has been making mini-splits for over 49 years, the mini-split first arrived in the North America market place in 1976, since then Fujitsu has been leading the industry in the manufacturing some of the best split systems available.

    The most common places you will find Fujitsu split systems:

    New construction units, apartments, schools, homes, hospitals, and commercial and industrial workplaces, restaurants, and cafes love mini-split systems, because of the sleek design and quiet operation keeping customers comfortable and all-day-long.

    Once you install your split heat pump system, it is very important to keep it clean and have maintenance done yearly to avoid costly repairs to the system.

    What is the average cost for a  split AC system? A single condenser with three indoor heads ranges from $10-20K depending on the time and work required to install the system, for an accurate estimate we will need to visit the job-site in order to give you a quote for a new system install.

    What is the average cost of repairing the system? A service call is required before we can provide you with repair costs.

    Single Zone Mini-Splits


    • Built-in Wi-Fi control
    • Energy Saving Program (ESP)
    • Programmable Remote
    • Powerful Heating
    • World-Class Performance
    • Quiet Operation
    • Inverter Technology
    Brooklyn's Best Fujitsu Ductless Mini-Split Service:

    What Mini-Split Do I need?

    Fujitsu makes four different wall-mounted series each system is different and you should take the following into consideration before buying one:

    If it’s hot year-round? then you don’t need the extra low temp units.

    If you live on the East Coast, some Winters the temperature goes below zero and if you use the system for heat, you will need the extra low temp units.

    Do you have a vacation rental and want full control of the temperature saving you lots of money on your energy bill, then you should install the built-in WiFi High Seer units.

    Looking to install a unit in a workspace for light use? then the entry-level units are a good choice for the cost



    Built-In WiFi Models:

    RLS3y Series

    LZAS Series

    • 09LZAS. 9,000 BTU of cooling, 12,ooo BTU of heating
    • 12LZAS. 12,000 BTU of cooling, 16,ooo BTU of heating
    • 15LZAS. 14,500 BTU of cooling, 18,ooo BTU of heating

    Highest SEER Units

    RLFW1/RLXFW1/RLX Series

    • 9RLFW1. 9,000 BTU of cooling, 12,ooo BTU of heating
    • 12RLFW1. 12,000 BTU of cooling, 16,ooo BTU of heating  Buy it now on Amazon
    • 18RLXWF1. 18,000 BTU of cooling, 21,6oo BTU of heating
    • 24RLXWF1. 22,500 BTU of cooling, 25,2oo BTU of heating Buy it now on Amazon

    LZAS Series