Cooling & Heating Has Never Been Easier

Friedrich Has a Large Selection Of Ducted and Ductless Mini-Splits For You

Ductless Mini-Split on a Wall

Cooling Solutions For The Home Owner

Friedrich’s line of Mini-splits is perfect for you, it’s easy to control the climate of each room 24/7.

The benefits of a Mini-Split System VS Central AC:

  • Control of each room separately, one room can be heated while the other is cool, giving the user complete control and freedom.
  • Low-energy costs.
  • High Seer rated units.
  • Sleek and modern design.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Control it over WiFi

Central AC Vs Mini-Split System:

  • Central AC units are much more expensive to service.
  • Most central AC units don’t have individual zones, the user has no control of the temperature in their home if you want the office to be cool and the livingroom to be hot you will never have that ability unless you have each of them on their own zones.
  • How many times are you going to fight with your partner about how hot or cold it is because you only have one thermostat in the house.
  • Central AC units are noisy due to the return air register.
  • Installation of central AC is more expensive than a Mini-Split 


Where is it used

You can install Mini-Split systems anywhere, homes, offices, commercial locations.

Easy to use

Mini-Splits are user friendly, control the space over Wifi.


Installation of the new Mini-Split system is fast and simple, in some cases it’s done in one day or less, depending on the number of units.


A brand you can trust, Friedrich has been in the cooling business longer than anyone else and they back it with an incredible warranty.

Type of Systems they offer

Mini-Split Cassette

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Friedrich Ducted Mini-Split Multi-Zone system

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