2024 Heat-pump Rebates for Colorado Residents

  • For Colorado, 2024 has brought some changes to the heat pump market.
  • The state now has total sales taxes on all heat pump materials; in 2023, there was no state sales tax on heat pumps.
  • State rebates are limited to $1500, provided by the contractor, so chances are you will see fewer installers offering the state rebates.
  • The federal government still offers up to $2000 on qualified systems when installing a new heat pump.
  • Xcel Energy has the best Reabtes to date, offering  $2200 per condenser with no limit on the number of condensers you can install.
  • We have increased to $12,000 for a single customer back from Xcel by installing multiple single-zone systems from Dakin with working temperatures of -13 outside. and 27SEER. 
  • What is the average cost for a single-zone Daikin system in Denver? $5000-$7500, depending on the BTUs and the electricity to the outdoor condenser unit. 
  • How many single-zone systems can you install? That depends on the electric panel and if you can add additional 220V breakers. 

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