Ductless Mini Split

Installation and service,

We sell and repair all major brands (Mitsubishi) (Fujitsu) (Etc)

We offer top of the line service for all you Mini Split needs,

Refrigeration &  Mechanical 

We offer commercial and residential  Refrigeration &  Mechanical  services,

Restaurants, Deli, Bakery, Office space, School, university,

We can repair or replace based on your needs

Walk in box installation,

Yearly maintenance contracts

Custom Duct work


We offer a full line of HVAC services,

Central air conditioning

Furnace repair, heating, PTAC,

Roof-top  unit swap-outs,

Compressor replacements,

Thermostat replacements,

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It is important to service your Air Conditioner annually, these are the following benefits of a serviced air conditioner:

  • Decreased power consumption
  • Improved cooling and heating capacity
  • Extension in the life of your air conditioner
  • Reduced chance of your system failing

The humid summer months of NYC can be tough on your air conditioning system.

The majority of breakdowns we have attended this year have been due to drain blockages from mould and algae build up.

All of the units that failed had not been serviced in the last twelve months. These breakdowns could have easily been prevented if the unit had been serviced.

ductless Mini Split on a roof top

Air conditioning service consists of: 

  • Clean filters both inside and outside if required.
  • Test operation of all safety controls.
  • Clean out condenser coil fins as required.
  • Carry out refrigerant leak testing of the equipment and check gas pressure levels.
  • Check all fan motor bearings, mounting tightness, and general operations.
  • Check and Clean condensation drains.
  • All electrical wiring and components will be checked and tightened
  • General Cleaning of system and checking of overall general operation.

Service & maintenance costs please call for more information 646-470-7041

Tell us what you need and a BBCOND specialist will get back to you ASAP with your service options.